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September 21, 2011


2 slots
Marco Flavio: appetizer course
Alison Bing: NorCal wines
See you there!

Hi. 2 places, I'll bring an appetizer and my guest will bring wine. Looking forward to it!

From Marco Flavio (the organizer):
Remember everybody: we are cooking together; please bring the ingredients, and make the dish at the event.

I would like to attend with one other. One of us will bring wine, the other will make a wild salmon dish (entree).

Ill bring an appetizer. I cant wait to start this up again!

Two of us will cook one of our signature main dishes - Carribean prawns with creamy coconut milk, sweet corn & habanero chili. We'll bring Torrentes to pair with.

I would love to come, I will bring Sonoma County Chardonnay and Zinfandel. One person.

I will make something veg. Can't wait for the comeback!

Could you pleeasase have another dinner soon? I'd love to attend this time around except I haven't been to a dinner previously and so I don't fit the criteria. Thanks a lot for organizing.

I will be happy to bring some No CA wines, between 4 and 6 bottles.

I will bring +1

If the appetizers are full, I will do a main and I my guest will do a salad.

I look forward to it.


I will be attending w/ 2 others. We will do 1 appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.

Sign me up for one slot, I'll bring a main course. Looking forward to seeing the crew again!

Hi Marco,
I can make a salad or an entree
so happy to be able to make it!

An entree, please! So good to see you again!
Marco Flavio

I will bring a dessert and a guest will bring a salad.

1 main + 1 dessert for Sheila + Dave

I will bring the non-alcoholic beverages!

Ok, 1 entree and 1 dessert!

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to participate in one of your events, so I can't do this one... Look forward to another one soon!

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