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May 31, 2010


I'm bringing Anchor Small Beer.

Howdy Marco,
Please sign us up for 2 spots.
Lisa - cheese
Andre - homemade bread
Will rev up the sourdough starter for this.

Count me in for cheese.



Walter Martin
Karyn Ganceski

Ill be bringing 2 six packs of beer and cheese.

Hey Marco,
Been a while. Please sign me up for 2 spots.
- I'll bring some beer
- my friend will bring some cheese.

Please sign me up for two people:
Wendy Cheese
Vicky cheese

Me - Dessert
Scott - Beer
Kirsten - Cheese

Sheila and Dave for one cheese and one beer!

Arrigo and Angela: one beer and one dessert!

Hi, Marco! Please sign me up for 2 spots.
Me-beer, my friend-cheese.
Thank you!
Slava V.

I'll bring cheese, possibly a dessert as well.


Sounds great! Please sign me up for two and we'll each bring a loaf of homemade bread.

Please sign me up for 2 spots. Both of us bringing cheese.

Thank you!


Sounds fun! 3 slots please!

Giselle- beer
Brian- cheese
Linz- desert

Me - Beer
Carolyn - Cheese

if you need desserts - I'm happy to bring that instead...of course homemade with homegrown

2 people

cheese and bread

Hi Marco,
Count me in for dessert. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.


Hi Marco,

It's James Brown. I'll be coming and bringing beer. Not sure which one but I'll scan the list and get something good.


anuja - beer
hannah - cheese

we're both CH&N newbies looking forward to this gathering!

Mike and I would like to attend! Can we bring Mike's homebrew?

From Marco Flavio:
of course! What other slot? I say bring a cheese to go with it.

I will take a guest to pair a cheese with my bottles of Anchor Small.

I'd like to attend and I can bring compostable dinnerware!

Hi Marco - I'm new to this but would love to come as I finally have a Saturday off! I'll bring beer...either Half Moon Bay Brewing Company or Russian River Valley. Excited to meet everyone!

can bring compostable plates, silverware
Kate gagnon
Alberto leon

Ok, finally making it official. (Sorry - it's been a week!) Beer. I will bring beer!

I thought I signed up for this event with my friend Vicky but I have not gotten and e-mail with the paypal info or the event location. Please let me know if we are in or out.


From Marco Flavio:
my details email might have gone in your spam folder. I just sent another. See you Sat!

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