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March 16, 2010


Am I the first one?! Benefits of following you on Twitter! :)

Ok, so 2 people (main course + wine) for myself and Michele P.


Nancy McGlamery -- good.on.paper@gmail.com -- I'll bring some sonoma co late harvest zin (so, dessert wine). Thanks!

Hallo Marco
Sheila for beer
Dave for dessert
we can't wait!

I will also bring some wine with my beer ;)

Xanthie Drankus

Hi Marco!

I'll grab a main dish - probably something with lamb =).

- Rob

hey marco,

i'd be happy to "get in where i could fit in", bringing whatever is necessary to complete this dinner!

i'd also like to bring a friend, so put us down for two food/drink slots if there's any left.

hoping to see you then,


From Marco Flavio:
Hey Scott,
you're down for a wine slot and an appetizer slot.

Wow! Im third! I will bring an appetizer.

I will make a lamb main course! Looking forward to this!

Will be two - dessert and wine.

Hi Marco,
I'm signing up for two. We will bring the following:

1 appetizer
1 salad

Thanks, Lisa O

Myself + 2. Appetizer, Salad, Main Course

Hi Marco,

This is my first time attending and looking forward to this. I'll bring a salad!


I'm looking forward to my first cooking event. I will make a main course (lamb). Grazie, Marco!


I would like to bring a main course since I can go to the market on that Saturday morning. I will try to make something with goat since I see a couple lamb entrants already

Laura Adiletta

I finally made it!?
I'll bring a dessert, but I'm happy to fill in any missing slots.

Hi Marco,

I'd like to attend and bring beverages.


My daughter and I will be attending (Katt and Marlaena) and we will bring salad and dessert

Oh yes, I'd also like to bring a guest, so we will bring some beer as well, or anything else that's left out.

Laura Adiletta

I'll sign you up for a main course. Everything else is full.
Marco Flavio


baked organic local califlower with leeks and garlic

It's a hit whenever I make it. THis is a macrobiotic dish I learned from a cooking class. This will be my first time. I do not drink wine and I'm won't be eating the meat.

Hey Marco,

Count me in for an appetizer and if that is full a main.


If there is still space I would like to bring a main course.

I'll like to RSVP for two people: Angela Chou and Alan Becker

We will make two mains.

One for salad, please.

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