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February 23, 2010


Hello, Marco! I am RSVPng for 2. We will be bringing cheese and wine.

Marco Flavio + Al
I'm making my fresh goat milk cheese and baking 2 of my newly developed loaves with carrot juice and walnuts. Come early, these will go fast: they pair perfectly with Point Reyes blue.
Al's bringing wine.
A presto,
Marco Flavio

Hi Marco,

I am RSVP'ing for one, and I'm glad to bring cheese!

See you there,

David Gartner + 1
We'll be bringing a yet to be determined California cheese and CA ales.

Fabulous idea, count me in for Cheese! Kate Gunning

Hi Marco,

I would like to RSVP with one guest & we will both bring artisan cheeses.

I'm rsvping for 1!. I'll bring wine
Elsa Baez

Having just read Deepa's post I'll be sure to bring Pt. Reyes blue.

I'll bring 1 person, cheese and wine

Dave and I will bring cheese!

From Marco Flavio
2 different cheeses it is!

RSVP'ing for two. Will bring one cheese, and one wine. Lisa

Hi Marco,
I would like to sign up for two,
Andre and myself.

We will bring wine and cheese. Thanks so much!


I will bring some wine

I will bring some wine too.

From Marco Flavio
Kathy, so good to see you, it's been a long time!

Hi, Marco! I'd like to rsvp for 2, myself and Deva Hazarika. We'll be bringing cheese and a dessert.

I'll bring a dessert. Um, I haven't been to one of these cheese and wine events yet, but I'm assuming this is bring a dessert, and not make a dessert on-site?

From Marco Flavio
You are correct, Robert.

Hi I'm Elissa, RSVP for 1. I will bring bread.

Hey Marco!
RSVP 2 for wine and cheese.

Hey Marco,

RSVPing for 1, would love to bring cheese. If not, I can bring plates, knives and napkins, just let me know.

From Marco Flavio
Ciao Aravinda, cheese is good.

Hi Marco,

If it's not too late, count me and a guest in. we will bring wine and cheese.


I will be there and bring bio plates & utensils.

I will bring a couple of stellar wines

Hi Marco,

I'd love to come! I'll bring cheese.


Buon giorno,

I am bringing a guest and we will bring wine and cheese.

A presto!

Hi Marco,
Count me in for a dessert and some wine.


I will bring one guest, Heather, and we will both bring cheese. Looking forward to it!

Please count me in for CA cheeses.

Hi Marco,

I'll bring cheese. Thanks!

Hi Marco,

I will bring wine.

Hi Marco,

I will bring compostable plates and forks.

Hello, I will bring cheese if there is still a spot. If not, let me know and I can bring something else.

from Marco Flavio
Cheese it is! See you there.

I'll bring wine.

Hello -

Am looking forward to my first event. I will bring a dessert and my friend will bring a bottle of wine.


Hi Marco,

Sounds yummy. Will bring an interesting cheese or two.
Looking forward to it.


Hello would love to bring wine and a dessert. Patrick Rulo and guest

I'll bring some great Northern Californian wine!

I'll be bringing artisan bread

Hi Mario, How can us cheese people coordinate with those bringing wine to ensure the best pairings?

from Marco Flavio (not Mario)
I will open a post for those coming next week, where participants can post what they'll bring. That will facilitate pairings.

Marco - please include Karen Gellert, she'll bring wine!

I would like to sign up for 2 - Mark Walther and myself - we will bring wine

from Marco Flavio
2 wine slots it is. See you there.

I will bring wine. I just want to come!


Hi Marco,

I'd like to RSVP for myself. I will bring a favorite Northern California wine.

Thanks, and see you then!

Dana Tom

Marco - I would like to sign up for 3.
Bob, myself and il papa`. ( forse la mamma invece di Bob...vediamo)
Vino x3!

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