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November 11, 2009


Please put me and a guest on the waiting list.

My heart is clapping at the thought of so many people sharing a meal together like this! I'd love to be on your waiting list (for 2 people).

Much warmth,

Hello, didn't see my name on the previous post, so if you could please put Mar and myself on the waiting list would appreciate it! Katt

Aravinda Seshadri (1 person, could do wine or an appetizer)

Hi Marco, Please put me and my boyfriend, Mike, on your wait list (2 people). We'll make whatever you want us to do:-)

Please put me on the waiting list for 2 people (Christina Tsou and Monique Chao). Thanks!

Please put me on the waiting list for 2 people (Kristin Harrington Eugene Yim)

Hi Marco,
I would love to be on the waiting list for 1 (one). I'm willing to bring anything that's needed.

Grazie -

Hi Marco,
I just submitted a request for 1, but if two slots open, the second is for Lisa C. (so it would be 2 Lisa's)


I'd love to be on the waiting list (hopefully for 2, but I'll take 1.)

Hi Marco
I would like to join with 2 other guests.
Most likely this is an impossible event to participate.

Hi Marco! Ran into you on the street last week and remembered how fun these events have been in the past. Let me know if a spot opens up! I'd love to make whatever is needed. Happy cooking!

As I mentiioned in the email I sent you yesterday, I would love to be on the waiting list!


Love to be considered, but I guess it'll have to be the next one! Kate.

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