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June 16, 2009


Fabulous offerings...what does one do with sour grapes?

Polenta Crisp Topping

This is definitely fruit crisp season. Got this recipe from David Lebovitz's website (former Chez Panisse pastry chef). He made it & says it's now his go-to fruit crisp topping. I tried it out -- it's very good, very easy. You can make a batch of it & keep it in the 'fridge.

This is sorta related and thanks for a heads up on that garlic I was wondering what it was when we at the farmers market that day.

Any idea on whether or not the farmers' market is on tomorrow July 4th?

Hello Kelly,
the farmers market on the 4th are smaller (some vendors don't drive up) but still running. 60% of the vendors at Alemany do make it to the city on the 4th.
Marco Flavio

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