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November 07, 2008


Hi Marco,

I, like so many others, saw the article in Food and Wine and had a "Eureka" moment. I think this is a fabulous idea and applaud you and your efforts. I'm hoping you can help me with something...
I would love to start a Cook Here and Now for my community, primarily because it's a GREAT idea and it's a shame there's not one already (to my knowledge). Secondarily, it's because I am brand new to my community and am dying to meet some people with whom I can share my passion. However, therein lies the problem - I've just moved to London, England and will hopefully be enrolling in a 9 month culinary course here. The local produce, game, fish, etc is amazing and a new emphasis has been put on locavore-ism (is that the right term?) This timing and environment is ripe for this kind of group but I'm not sure how I might get started...should I contact traders at Borough Market? Wherever would I find a venue? How do I get the word out? Any suggestions, comments, ideas, or words of encouragement you might be able to offer would be most deeply appreciated.

With thanks and admiration,


Contact me directly, I've built a Forum for those who wish to start a CH&N group. I'll post there ideas, strategies, tips on how to do it.
Sign up for the Forums first, then I'll authorize you into the Organizers Forum.
Grazie, a presto!
Marco Flavio

Hi - I would be very interested in starting a cook here & now group in Geneva, Switzerland - can you help me?

hello marco, i send you a e-mail in regards to start a chapter here in miami, but don't know if I can do it for myself, so if there somebody in miami beach want to start with me i could be a happy girl.

Just wanted to say that I read the article from Food and Wine and wish I could be in San Francisco to participate. I love to cook and it sounds like Cook Here and Now is a lot of fun. Maybe one day I can start my own.

Regards from Louisiana.

Is there a Cook here and Now in NYC: Manhattan?

Ciao Michelle,
no, not yet in Manhattan.
Marco Flavio

What a great idea! Local Councils should endorse this as a model to bring communities together. It can work anywhere as we all enjoy good local sustainable food and wines!
If anyone wants to help me start this in Brittany France I would be delighted to help host an event and support such an undertaking.

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