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July 08, 2007



this is funny: yesterday I placed an order for green walnuts with Alfieri Farm at the Ferry Building market! I have to go to Alemany more often.. Do you remember the name of the farm that you found at Alemany's? One question about nocino: I want to use Everclear (pure grain alcohol) instead of vodka, unfortunately selling Everclear is illegal in California. I heard that it is still possible to buy it in Indian reservations, is that true?

they have fresh almonds and walnuts. It's one of the very few italian vendors (they actually speak italian). Exactly to the right of the door that leads to the main offices (middle of the covered part, facing the freeway).
Not sure about the Everclear...

The "crazy sweet" squash look like they're probably Ronde de Nice.


They are sweet: they have vanilla undertones. One of our very favorites for the simplest of summer dishes: lightly steamed, then sautéed with fresh herbs and fleur de sel.

Was Everclear recently made illegal in CA? I bought some a few months back at BevMo. In any case 100-proof vodka works nearly as well; I actually prefer it for digistivi, as the lower alcohol means you need to add less sugar to bring the final product down to a drinkable proof.

Those green walnuts, frankly, look way past their prime. I bought some at Alemany market last year about this time and they were way too mature... I practically had to use a saw to halve them.

They also look like they've sat for a while, perhaps even on the ground. Green walnuts for nocino and vin de noix need to be picked fresh, and steeped within a day or two of being picked. In northern California, they should be harvested no later than June 24 -- the traditional day in Italy. We picked ours on 6/9 in Napa and they were just right; another week beyond that would have been OK, but beyond that I think the shells would be to well-formed.

And, sadly, it's a bit too late for your upcoming dinner. Even the fastest Nocino recipes call for 40 days of steeping time, and 2 months of resting. Most want you to steep all summer and then settle the strained mixture in the bottle until winter.

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