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July 25, 2007


I'll bring some of my organic rustic breads and some treats from Italy.
Ci vediamo il 19!

I'll make a seafood main course dish! And maybe I'll also bring some wine.

I'm excited to come. I'll bring a fish main course. Still deciding which species.

I will be there and will bring a non-seafood dessert. thank you and happy travels!

Just me this time, I'll do an entree/fish.

Fish entree for me, possibly the fish chowder made at Boston's No Name Restaurant, if they'll give me the recipe...

i will bring some dessert

My guest and I will make ~50 salmon and some tofu salad rolls in rice paper with Vietnamese dipping sauce.

I will bring dessert...a friend will bring wine...

I'd like to do a dessert.

I will make a veg main course and, some type of seasonal ice cream

Newcomer... Seafood for me (main course), I will decide later if reinterpret it as set of small mouthfuls or amuse bouche if I am in the mood (appetizer or tapas style)...

I will make a seafood main course and my guest will bring bottles of wine. Looking forward to it. Buon viaggio!

I promise not to be such a pain from now on. I will bring wine and beer. Thanks for the reminder that the dishes can not be prepared in advance. That is what I was going to do with my dessert.

Bruce and me will be there, 1 will make a fish dish and the other a begetable dish


I'll make Smoked Salmon. Can be an appetizer or a main course, depending on how the world turns. Marco, how about making breads to go with the smoked salmon? Your breads are so great.

If this category is full, sign me up for a dessert.

hey Dan, maybe I'll make some sesame-studded cracker-like bread to put your fantastic smoked salmon on...
- Marco Flavio

I'm a newcomer and looking forward to my first dinner! My guest and I are sign ing up for 2 of the wine slots...Cheers!

I'll be there and will make a vegetarian entree. see you then!

Hi Marco,

Björn and I will make a salad (possibly with a salmon terrine, let's see) and bring wine and beer.
A bientôt!

If there's still room for a newbie, I'd love to join and bring an appetizer!

Margo (stern)

i will just have landed from the east coast so will offer some delicious wines. my friends josh and wendy will bring dessert, salad and more vino.

Fun! I will bring non-alcoholic beverages for 20 (sparkling water and juices). My guest will bring wine.

Hill all!

Amanda will bring some wine,
I will make a great seasonal desert... Surprise, keep some room for desert!
My mom will make her word famous potatoe gratin (to die for ;^)

I will make a salad and my guest will bring wine.

I will make a seasonal salad or appetizer.

Finally, I can come again! I'll bring a salad or appetizer, depending on what's needed.

Hi! Two newcomers here. One bringing salad and one bringing non-alcoholic beverages for 20.

Two more newcomers here as well! Myself and Claudine Co, and we'll be happy to each do a salad, a main, or beverages, depending on what's still needed. :)

Claudine Co - newbie here as well - signing up to bring a main dish? (coming with Danny Dawson.)

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