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February 21, 2007


Ciao, Marco,

I just came across your blog, and I subscribed immediately. Your writing is lovely, and these are all things I care about, too.

If you ever come down to Santa Cruz, give a shout and I will take you to a butcher who uses pastured animals, only, and maybe even the beautiful ranch where these pigs and chickens (and more) are raised.

Nice to meet you in the blogosphere, and keep up the good work.


A beautiful post, Marco. You're dead right to make the connection between food and sex. Gastronomic foreplay is a precise description. (And there's a link here to your earlier, wonderful, writing about bread - why, we wonder, is it so hard to learn patience when it comes to waiting for good food?!)

Despite the fact that its residents eat so much of it, the US is still fairly priggish about enjoying food. Pleasure in eating is still a sin. If we're to believe the adverts, food is more a vehicle for nutrition than anything else. Thank you, Marco, for celebrating the fact that food is inescapably sensuous.

Hi Marco,

Great Lunar dinner, what fabulous dishes were created.
I'll attend the March dinner and bring a shrimp scampi appetizer.

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