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February 27, 2007


Ciao Bello,

I will attend the March dinner and prepare a scrumptous scampi appetizer with capers.

Great! I would like to bring a guest, Scott. We will bring 2 different vegetable dishes. We can count them as one main and one 'salad'. I vote for leeks, mustard greens and sunchokes. Thou garbanzos and arugula are fighting for a place...I am really looking forward to this!!

Please put me down for a dessert. I may bring a guest, my wife if she can get away. Put her down for a soup. If she can't make it, I'll still make the soup.

For vegetables, I vote for asparagus. Got the first ones last week at the farmers market and they were good!

Ken Shultz

I'll bring a salad and my guest will bring wine

My vote: Asparagus, garbanzo beans, leeks

Robert will make an asparagus soup and I will make an asparagus dish, possibly asparagus with scampi.

I'll be making an entree.
And my rustic bread, we always need bread.
I vote for arugula (the wild one is amazing this season), mustard greens mizuna) and asparagus.


This will be my first dinner with the group. I'd like to make tilapia in a panko crust.


I can make this one again! I'll bring a salad.

My votes for veggies: Asparagus, leeks, arugula,


Hello - I would like to attend on 3/18, and will make an Apple Tart Tatin. I've been experimenting for several months, and they are getting better every time.

non-vegetarian entree!

oh yeah... leeks, garbanzo beans and asparagus.

Have been hoping to attend this since last november - I'll bring an appetizer and my guest will bring dessert. I also vote for asparagus and leeks.


New participant..
I would like to participate w/ a guest.
I would like to bring an appetizer.
My guest will bring non-alcoholic beverages

My vote: asparagus, arugula, sunchokes.

Can you please email me to confirm that I get to participate? Thanks!

I'll bring a dessert, Apple Crostade with Burnt Caramel Sauce.
My vote for veggies: Asparagus, Arugula and Leeks.

New participant with guest. We can bring wine and an appetizer (does the appetizer have to feature the seasonal ingredient? and we can cook it all there?)

Vote: asparagus, arugula, leeks

Hi, I'll be a newbie as well.


asparagus, sunchokes and leeks...

How about an asparagus-leek risotto?
It can be vegetarian/vegan.


Hello all!

Amanda will open her famous bar and ofer drinks to everybody... And she may incorporate some of the ingredients in the coctails...

David will work on some side dishes: Leek gratin (2 die 4), and may be more!! with asparagus and jerusalem artichokes.

Veggies vote: Asparagus, Leek and jerusalem artichokes

wouldn't miss it! I'd like to do an entree...


My vote is for sunchokes, leeks and asparagus. I'll bring some kind of appetizer unless there is a different need....

I'll do a vegan dish with jerusalem artichokes.

Hello hello all!

I'll bring an apple dessert this time- maybe a candied apple something something...i want to play with caramel or some kind of sugary, syrupy glaze. and Max will bring non-alcoholic beverages. see you next month!

I forgot my vegetable votes: garbanzo beans, asparagus and jerusalem artichokes.

Hi there! I'm new to this so looking forward to meeting everyone!

I'll bring some fantastic wine, and my vote is for asparagus, sunchokes and arugula.

Hello everyone, this will be my first dinner and I am very much looking forward to it.

I will bring 2 bottles of good wine. My vote for ingredients: Asparagus, garbanzo beans, jerusalem artichokes.

I'll bring wine (white). My vegetable votes are asparagus, arugula and garbanzo beans!

I vote for asparagus, artichoke, and arugala. I will be making a dessert, probably an apple pie.

I'll make some (vegetarian) appetizer dips, and my vote for vegtables are: asparagus, garbanzo beans, and any kind of artichokes.

Hey all, I'm bringing Marco & 2-3 bottles of exciting wine to pair with delectable sustainable fish (Mark Russo, this may call for a consult!), but I'm not ruling out other surprises too ...

About those veggies: Jerusalem artichokes, mizuna, and asparagus.

Me and one guest will attend. We will bring a salad (with fresh fruits) and a main course to share.

The vote for veggies are: artichokes, asparagus and mustard greens.

I'll make an entree and my guest bring an entree and appetizer.
See you there


Thanks for posting a link to the Seafood Watch program. Tell all your friends that we have a great event coming up on May 19th and 20th at the Monterey Bay Aquarium called Cooking for Solutions. Check it out on our website and don't forget to download the latest 2007 pocket guide, which was just recently updated www.seafoodwatch.org

Serena Federman
Seafood Watch Outreach Specialist

I'd like to attend and bring a side vegetable.

Veggie Vote: Asparagus, artichokes, leeks

I would like to participate for the first time.
Main course โ€“ a fish dish
My choice of veg โ€“ sunchokes, mustard greens, leeks

Dessert - I'll be whipping out my favourite dessert...Tiramisu!

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