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September 21, 2006


hey thanks for infro i never knew about the person who made pizza and who came up with pizza now that i know but this i'll use it for project for class now so thank you and have a graet day

Would love to attend. Me & guest. Will bring wine.

After spending a week in Roma, and eating Pizza Margherita every day, I am so happy to find this recipe! The first batch I made turned out wonderfully, only I split the dough into 6 parts so that my crust came out slightly thinner and the perfect size for one (very hungry) person. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

i will tell you what, a local tavern aclled clover leaf pizza in tacoma does this recipe with a hint of sourdough maybe? and the crust is thin crunchy with a little hnt of doughy and holds firm thur the whole course of eating the pizza abosolutely phenomenal
as this recipe is top notch as well when made exactly right thanks enjoy foljks

I lived in Rome, not too far from Trastevere, for about five months a few years ago and have been on the quest for the perfect Roman pizza ever since! Nothing compares to it, even Naples (I've had both). I can't wait to try this pizza! It'll have to hold me over until I can go back! Thanks so much for posting!

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