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September 16, 2006



sono Italiana anch'io e vivo a San Fran.
How can I join this group?



Dera Marco,

can you show this recipe in a video?
It would be great to see how to do it!


you should try Valentino,s in Rostrevor, Co. Down these pizzas will bring you back to some corner of italia. best pizzas around.

The very best, most memorable pizza is from Trastevere -- a place called "The Poet." I have been trying to reproduce the texture of the dough with no luck. Marco Flavio, your descriptions are wonderful. I am about to install a new oven in my NJ kitchen, and the first item I will attempt to bake will be your Roman pizza!
Ciao, Marianne

Ciao Marianne,
Thanks for the comment. Let me know if you have questions: I'll gladly help out.
Marco Flavio

Great recipe. Thank you for sharing! I have used it several times with great success.

I have found it comes out best heating my gas oven to 500-degrees F, together with a pizza stone, for about a hour before baking the pizze. Then I actually cook the pizze under the infrared broiler (a hot 19K BTU) which gives some char spots to the crust and a good browning of the cheese -- closer to how we saw pizze served in Rome.

I know that not everyone has a range like this at home, but I would recommend testing using the same methodology but with the conventional broiler as opposed to baking alone.

My opinion is that a mozzarella ball should be sliced, not cubed nor shredded. Then you get the large cheese pools contrasted with "barren" areas that I think pulls off the Roman look more authentically.

I also agree that Dar Poeta (The Poet) in Trastevere makes very nice pizze even if a some choices are a bit over "touristy" like the nutella and ricotta dessert calzone. I'd give the nod for best pizze in Trastevere to Panattoni aka "Ai Marmi" (The Morgue). La Montecarlo, in Rome, not far from Piazza Navona is incredible, too.


My husband loves thin pizza crust! I'm not so much a fan, but this looks really good. We have pizza night every Friday, so I'll update you and let you know! Kudos!

Thanks for the recipe, Marco! I have fond memories of the pizza my husband and I had in Rome last year (even though he is more a deep dish pizza fan). I've read in some recipes that '00' flour is recommended which is a type of finer ground hard wheat flour. How different is this from pastry flour? I bought a few pounds from Rainbow Grocery but haven't used it yet. I agree with Bryan - hottest setting your oven can manage with a pizza stone.

Ciao Maida,
00 flour is not that hard (high-gluten content). It's lower in gluten than our All Purpose flour. Pastry flour is instead lower in gluten than 00: mixing parts of the two gets us closer to the correct gluten content.

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