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August 23, 2006


Last night I had told several people that I was getting up early to go to the Alemany Farmer's Market. I was meeting a guy from Craigslist.org and was going to learn about food. Needless to say I woke up late. I hurried over found parking and asked the first dude I saw who looked like he was explaining something to people if he was Marco. "No." oops, next. I walked some more and thought about how to make the best of this morning even if I didn't run into Marco. After passing some tempting tamale's I continued my search. In front of a organic veggie stand this guy is holding 3 different bags and laughing with two women...I was like hey that's gotta be the guy. "Excuse me...Hey you Marco? I don't meant to interrupt folks." "Yeah you Bakie?" "Yeah, great! I was late man." I'm all about being honest and I was late. Marco however is all about food. I was watching a fish swim in water with guy in the market buying stuff. So I took on the attitude of a student and learned something about organic food. Right on! I walked, talked, got food, coffee and took off for work. What was he planning on cooking? I don't know. Why not ask him yourself, share a recipe and share in great company and food?
In conclusions tamales with habanero & chipotle salsa = Hella Good.
Peace- Bakie

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